'One Stop Solution Shop' for all
non-creative back-office operations


Dependable service provider for
all your daily back-office tasks


Get all design re-creation done cost effectively
for branding projects


Design reseller's own 'Production House'
to fulfill daily design demands



Over the years, qZeek is contributing in triumph of the clients. Having our exclusive back-office solutions we make things easier for business processes. We utilize enthusiastic, dedicated, and result-leaning team having adequate experience and knowledge in providing qualitative and on-time services. Having such setup on hand, we can offer variety of business model suiting our client needs. We also facilitates our client by suggesting different model when we see change in service needs.

Flat pricing model

Flat pricing model (or project-associated model) is perfect for the projects having clear, fixed, and well-defined necessities. This kind of model is associated on rigid as well as pre-defined development scope and requirement. Our industry analysts will study the project necessities and will provide fixed price quote. A projected time-line and the financial plan are given to ensure timely deliverable. For all new requirements that comes during execution of the project will be quoted separately and on approval can be scheduled for development based on mutual understanding.

Pay-as-we-progress (or Hourly Model) pricing model

This pricing form is perfect for the complex, large, and time-overriding projects. There are the projects where there could be normal changes in specification throughout the development time. Because of size and complexity of project there could be changes within specification, time-line, and team size. To optimize the time and cost of those projects, we are having the pricing model in which the payments are planned at starting point. Hours charges vary based on complexity of work and type of manpower (resource) has to be utilized.

Dedicated team based pricing model

This pricing model is perfect for the development houses or companies, which are willing to make a committed team. Companies may employ our experts through this pricing model. This will form your own production house away your office which runs as per your work methods and suitability. You may elect resource type like manager, team lead, senior or junior designer etc. based on your needs. We look after availability, daily production schedules, replacement of absent team members, payout and all necessary formalities that requires.

The charges relied on project, kind of tasks or resources utilized and ranges between 5 $ to 25 $ an hour.

Contact us and know more regarding pricing, appropriate model for the assignment or every information that has not been incorporated here. We don’t take fees for assessment. So, request for a free quote.

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