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Industries Served

Industries Served

Printers and Publishers

qZeek is a major back-office service provider for publishing houses globally. Our studios help the customers to pass on the everyday non-creative work to us. Our solution called ‘back-office Design Studio’ offers complete end-to-end solutions for studio operations for publishing houses. Solution includes whole spectrum of the imaginative services like image editing, prepress services including page-type settings of directory; magazine, database; book; etc., vector conversion, content proofing services, graphic recreation, image improvement services like image enhancement, color toning; background removal; image masking; changeover of image into text, keyboarding services, scanning, and page composing. We accomplish all publishing requirements related with the books & magazines, brochure & flyers, newspapers & newsletters, web publishing, product catalog & manual, ebooks for web, mobile publishing, ebooks for handheld, ebooks for mobile, and ebooks for utilities. The association with qZeek permits publishing house to focus on high value aims like media planning, strategy, concept development, and client interactions.

Ad Agencies

Advertising has really significant role to play for growth and acceptance of online advertising, assisting publishers to increase online inventory and maximizing the advertisers’ reach. The primary challenge for advertisers is the design & development of online advertisements display. The advertisers mainly rely on free software or any freelance designer to help in building the ads. Nevertheless, there is demand for design service that can produce really high impact ads at really affordable prices. We generate all back-office operations associated with the ad agency at very affordable prices, and with faster turnaround time. We have ‘back-office Design Studio’ solution, which is a complete solution for the studio operations of advertising agencies. Our advertising services include In-Door & Out-Door ads, Web Ads, Prints Ads, Email Flyers & Ads, Mobile Ads, and Rich Media Ads.

Marketing and Promotion Companies

Changing the business of your client into a brand is very costly and time-consuming operation. Having solutions to all the business types and sizes, one doesn’t require looking a long way. We, at qZeek, offer end-to-end services to marketing companies for helping them supporting the clients’ brand formulation. We are having team of talented and skilled graphic designers as well as illustrators that can help in transforming brand imagination to business collateral. We have marketing team that provides complete array of creative solutions for helping you meeting all marketing demands of the client. We provide services for marketing and branding like Interactive Demo Designing, Identity Design Services, flyers; brochures; and mailers, business collateral, events collateral, and product packaging. qZeek has the identity team that is staffed with gifted designers, who have experience in corporate stationery, logo designs, and business cards.

Retail/ Bulk Design Companies

With regularly modernized listing of the graphic designing services to any niche, product is decisive to get the attention it needed, irrespective of the medium. qZeek is the personal ‘Production House’ of design re-sellers to fulfill daily designing demands. qZeek also offers full-page variety of designing services for specialized products for print or digital medium to meet all the business requirements. We continuously adding advanced graphic designs into our collection according to your requirements. We may arrange corporate events with showcasing the services, products, and company through creative methodology. At qZeek, we offer complete ambit of services including background removal, color correction, image manipulation, image clipping, etc. You can save your expenses, time, and sources via leveraging image editing services to meet all the requirements.

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